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M970-D5B-2 - BREAST Biopsy container

Breast Biopsy Container with 10% formalin

Made of polystyrene

Few recommendations concerning how the biopsies should be handled have been published. Performing a large number of biopsies means an increase in the number of containers handled and consequently a technical overload of the transmission network, which occurs without any financial counterpart. A new approach had to be developed in order to increase productivity.

Econo-Lab is proud to offer a multi-compartment container (out of five compartments, four are labelled: LUQ, RUQ, LLQ, RLQ) in the shape of a dish and half prefilled with 10% Neutral Buffered Formalin, for holding and transporting biopsies. It is supplied with a leakproof screw closure with O-ring ensuring total protection of contents. It conforms to OSHA directives. The CoreDish™ measures only 15 x 95 mm in diameter. Each compartment is clearly identified to allow proper placement and visualization of the breast biopsy being inserted. A writing area for patient information is provided.
Thanks to the CoreDish™ it is no more necessary to use a multitude of individual containers, thereby reducing risks of confusion.

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